Wednesday, September 09, 2015

You can't win

"Incorrect" pop stars.  Correctness gets ever more complicated

Both Swift and Cyrus have been taking great stances on social issues. Swift has been vocalizing the issue of sexism, whereas Cyrus has been expressing her pansexuality and doing amazing things for the LGBT community and The Happy Hippie Foundation. However, what was overlooked by Swift on Twitter and in Cyrus’ interview was intersectionality — the understanding that oppressions are interlinked. This lack of acknowledgment and understanding made the two artists come off as stereotypical, white feminists on very high platforms.

It’s important to understand that white feminism does not mean one has to be white in order to be categorized as a white feminist. It just means that person is either deliberately or unintentionally overlooking how oppressions are connected, a common problem for white people. For them it is difficult for to comprehend that, in order to fight for the rights of women, they must fight against the oppressions battled by every type of women, such as women of color, gay women, women in poverty, transwomen, etc.

The brief discussion by Swift and Minaj on Twitter leading up to the VMAs really brought Swift’s lack of intersectionality to light. Minaj was upset with the racism and body-shaming integrated in the music industry, but all Swift saw was the sexism. After Minaj and her followers educated her with tweets and posts, Swift was able to professionally handle herself and learn from her mistake. Apologies were made and the two performed onstage together on that monumental night.



Anonymous said...

Oh my, how very intellectually cogent; it seems that stupidity is increasing.

Use the Name, Luke said...

So, if you don't view the world through a race based filter, you're a bad person?

And here I thought "race based" was a synonym for "racism".

Use the Name, Luke said...

This conflict seems like a perfect example of what it means to strain at a gnat while swallowing a camel.

Anonymous said...

What a load of feminist crap.

Bird of Paradise said...

The inmates are running the asilum