Sunday, May 03, 2015

UK: Watch that joke!

OK.  I am going to say what is probably behind the joke:  There are some masochistic women.  Being assaulted during a sexual encounter turns them on.  I once had an encounter with such a woman. I recoiled and refused point blank to do what she wanted but there is no doubt that others had given her what she wanted.  I was however curious about her wishes and asked her about it.  She attributed it to her having had an abusive father.  So the joker below was probably just acknowledging reality

An Oxford university newspaper has sparked outrage after printing a joke about punching women during sex.  The quote 'No I haven't punched a girl during sex. But never say never' is highlighted at the top of a page in The Newt, a publication distributed around the University of Oxford's New College.

A women's charity has hit out at the 'inappropriate' and 'offensive' use of the line, which appeared at the top of page eight above a separate sports article. 

Chris Green, director of anti-violence against women charity, the White Ribbon Campaign, said: 'The inappropriate page header of the "news" paper which is delivered to every pigeonhole in New College reinforces sexist and controlling disrespectful attitudes which students are already excessively exposed to.

'Only a foolhardy publisher would put such an offensive quote into a newspaper. The publishers would do well to offer a page to an anti-violence organisation to explain the issues as a minimum response.'

A spokesman for New College Oxford, whose former students include Hollywood actress Kate Beckinsale and comedian Sally Phillips, said: 'The College does not condone remarks of this kind, and is looking into the circumstances.'


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