Friday, May 29, 2015

A bad pun

"Seize" as a pun on "seizure"

A campaign launched by two charities to raise awareness of epilepsy has sparked outrage, with even controversial TV pundit Katie Hopkins branding it 'crass'.

The two causes, Epilepsy Society and Young Epilepsy, joined forces with high street store River Island to create a limited edition re-usable shopping bag bearing the slogan 'Seize the Day'.

Around 10,000 bags were distributed to customers last week, to mark National Epilepsy Week, which ended on Saturday.

While the bags were designed and made by River Island, a spokeswoman for the Epilepsy Society said the concept and slogan were the work of the two charities.

Defending the campaign, she said the slogan was intended as an 'empowering message'.



Bird of Paradise said...

Epeleptics are a lot more intelligent then all the buricrats put together

Anonymous said...

What a load of PC crap. It is time our politicians shut down this type of bullshit.