Thursday, May 14, 2015

UK: Must not notice women's bodies

Nightclub bosses have been forced to apologise after advertising for waitresses with 'athletic physiques' and asking applicants to include a 'full body shots' with their CV.

The job advert, which also called for potential candidates to provide service with a smile, was posted by Pryzm nightclub in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.

The notice, which was uploaded on Monday to the club's Facebook page and removed after less than 24 hours, stated: 'We are looking for VIP Hostess / Waitresses to join our team.

'The applicant must have great customers (sic) service skills, provide service with a smile, be hard working & be of athletic physique.  'In return you will receive great basic pay plus commission payments.

Accompanying the advert is a video - now deleted - shows a hostess bringing bottles of champagne - complete with burning candles either side - to a VIP table at the club.

Local job-hunter Samantha Cooke, 21, said she saw the ad and was 'disgusted'.  She said: 'I've been to Pryzm a few times clubbing and thought it might be a nice place to work, but when I saw the advert I was disgusted - they just want someone with a body the lads can ogle.

'I'm not just a body and nightclubs should have got rid of their meat market mentality in this day and age.'

Another local, Graham Livingstone, 41, said: 'It's pretty obvious they want a young woman with a nice body - it's just it's not very PC to say that these days.'

Another, calling themselves Smithy456 and writing online before the ad was removed on Facebook, wrote: 'How disgusting - what a bunch of creeps at Pryzm!!!' 

A spokeswoman for Luminar, which owns Pryzm - which has clubs in Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff and Leeds as well as Kingston-upon-Thames, said: 'We are an equal opportunities employer and apologise unreservedly for any offence this post may have caused.



Anonymous said...

What a load of bullshit. By using the same standards you could advertise Bill Gates job and be criticised for not taking the first beggar off the street.

Stan B said...

What a homophobic woman - assuming that it's only "the lads" who want to ogle these athletic physiques.

Anonymous said...

It is a fact of life of very longstanding that it gives males pleasure to see attractive females.