Sunday, May 24, 2015

Must not even hint that a woman is fat

A suggestion that a British footballer could do better than his current girlfriend arouses great ire

An Australian sports betting website sent a misogynistic tweet about the girlfriend of young Manchester United star James Wilson, causing an angry backlash on social media.

The Odds Checker Au Twitter account posted a photo on Thursday afternoon of the footballer holding hands with his partner.

'Sure she's a lovely girl but someone needs to remind James Wilson he's a pro footballer. Start abusing this privilege,' Odds Checker Au tweeted.

The post was published at about 2pm on Thursday and sparked a series of angry tweets from disgusted Twitter followers.

'@OddscheckerAu This is so rude I can't believe anyone thought it was OK to post it. You are garbage people. Disgusting,' Petra Starke wrote.  'Delete this, then seriously reprimand whoever ok'd it. @OddscheckerAu,' Jay tweeted.

The Odds Checker Au tweet has since been taken down and was replaced with an apology.  'Apologies for the offence caused by our earlier Tweet - it's now been deleted,' Odds Checker Au wrote.

Wilson, 19, is a striker for Manchester United after joining the team in July 2012.

Odds Checker, an online betting odds comparison service, is part of British company Sky Betting and Gaming.



Anonymous said...

What a bunch of arseholes. Just because he is now a celebrity in the football world he should ditch a beautiful woman for some tart like Kim Kardashian is beyond belief. I am Australian and will advise all my friends to boycott the bastards. As far as I am concerned an apology is not good enough.

Bird of Paradise said...

SHES TOO FAT FOR ME SHES TOO FAT FOR ME PC stupidity at its most rediculous