Monday, May 11, 2015

Not allowed to teach monogamy in some Australian schools

ANGLICAN church leaders have slammed an “unprecedented” interference by the Department of Education after it banned three books used by the church’s scripture teachers on the basis they promoted only monogamous heterosexual relationships.

Scripture teachers were told this week they were not allowed to use books called Teen Sex By The Book by Patricia Weerakoon, You: An Introduction by Michael Jensen, and A Sneaking Suspicion by John Dickson because the texts violated departmental policy.

The texts were used in Special Religious Education (SRE) classes at state schools — classes parents choose to send their children to.

Castle Hill Liberal MP Ray Williams, whose electorate covers much of Sydney’s “bible belt”, said he was requesting an urgent explanation on the book ban from Education Minister Adrian Piccoli.

“Several Anglican leaders in my community have contacted me today saying they are completely shocked at the heavy-handed, reactionary response of the department by demanding these books be removed,” he said.

“I believe the principle of a ‘one partner’ relationship is a fundamental value upheld by society, regardless of whether people are religious or not.”

Mr Piccoli said he had asked the department to review the decision to ban the books: “Department officials will meet with SRE providers to discuss the issue.’’



stinky said...

Pretty clear what's up. Time for a few firings to send a message.

Anonymous said...

Polygamy is the next challenge for LGBTIQ fascists.

Anonymous said...

Why would LGBTIQ be more interested in polygamy than any one else?? In the history of polygamy it's been heterosexual males most promoting and exercizing that around the World, in patriarchal societies and communities, and even of course in the US with the Mormons and various fringe religious groups.

Bird of Paradise said...

Quit calling it the Dept of Education and start calling it the Dept of Indoctrination