Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NY Fashionistas all in a dither about China

They want to wear something Chinese-themed to honor a Chinese occasion but fear they might be accused of "cultural appropriation" or some such nonsense.  But missing out on a chance to dress up is a disaster to a fashionista. All those colorful silks etc that they would like to wear!

On Monday, dozens upon dozens of celebrities and the designers who dress them will walk the red carpet into the Metropolitan Museum of Art to fete the opening of the Costume Institute's next exhibit, "China: Through the Looking Glass." The event — which this year counts Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Blake Lively, Anne Hathaway and Kim Kardashian among its hosts — is often referred to as “fashion’s biggest night," but many observers are wary to see how guests will interpret — or misinterpret — that theme.

In a Jezebel article headlined “2015 Met Gala Will Probably Be an Asian-Themed Shitshow,” Kara Brown writes, “The fact that the core idea behind the theme is how Chinese aesthetics have influenced other designers is troubling because that influence is often culturally insensitive or downright racist." She adds, “I simply do not trust the majority of Met Gala attendees to handle this theme with tact and respect." Over at Bustle, Maxine Builder echoed her concerns, writing, "To be culturally sensitive and to do this theme justice require an ability to take the time to understand the culture, and I’m concerned that no one will do that kind of research.”



Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. Chinese businesspeople wear suits and skirts without asking for cultural permission from the West. Perhaps we in the West are simply more generous in allowing others to share our cultural heritage without a mandatory self-flagellation session?

Anonymous said...

Who in the their right mind would put Karashian's fat arse in a Chinese silk dress?
Now that would be culturally offensive.

Anonymous said...

Still trying to understand why anyone would care what a hack writer from Jezebel thinks anyway. smh

Texas Mike said...

Typical. Some "oppressed" group doesn't express offense when someone dresses/acts in their fashion, so the white SJW's take it upon themselves be offended in their place. Now they can't decide if the Chinese fit their definition of an "oppressed" group, so they're in a quandary. The leftists are starting to eat themselves.

Bird of Paradise said...

Mouse-E-Dung ruined china bring the evils of communism