Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Member of British anti-imigrant party banned from teaching for Muslim jibe

A teacher who told a class of teenage girls that he was ‘allergic’ to Muslims and they ‘worshipped the devil’ will be banned from the profession for life this week.

Self-styled cleric the Rev Robert West, who stood for the British National Party in the General Election, made the comments during a discussion on the use of cavalry in the Crusades.

When a pupil said she was allergic to horses, Mr West replied: ‘I’m allergic to Mohammedans.’

And he told another class at Walton Girls High School in Grantham, Lincolnshire: ‘Muslims worship the devil.’

Andrew Colman of the National College for Teaching and Leadership said his remarks were ‘unacceptable’.

West will be banned by the Department for Education this week.


I think it's not unreasonable to see Islam as the religion of the Devil.  Any religion that loves death or leads to parents rejoicing when their children blow themselves up is surely of the  Devil -- however you conceive  of the Devil.  Whether he is a man in a red suit with horns and a tail, a fallen spirit being, or simply the evil side of human nature hardly matters.  In all cases Islam is clearly anti-life and only the Devil or his disciples could rejoice in that.


Anonymous said...

Politically correct pussys will be the first to be killed by the Islamists when they take power.

Anonymous said...

So why in the first place is this devil-believing, openly fundi guy wearing garb as a priest or pastor given access to vulnerable schoolchildren?
Indoctrinating kids with religious devil-fear (whether or not from another fake religion like Islam) is nothing more than child abuse!

Bird of Paradise said...

The Pussietards of england turning a once pwerful nation into Lala land