Friday, May 08, 2015

Greenpeace fracking advert that claimed drilling for shale gas 'won't cut energy bills' is banned by watchdog

Lies are not protected speech.  Shale has already slashed American oil and gas prices dramatically

A Greenpeace advert claiming that allowing fracking in UK ‘won’t cut energy bills’ has been banned in a victory for David Cameron and other supporters of the technology.

The campaigning group argued fracking for gas under Britain would threaten the climate, the countryside and the water supply.

Significantly, it attempted to appeal to the nation’s purses and wallets by stressing: ‘Experts agree – it won’t cut our energy bills.’

However, a complaint from the pro-fracking Labour peer Lord Lipsey said it was wrong and misleading to state that access to a new source of gas from shale rocks will not cut prices.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has agreed and banned Greenpeace from making the claim in its anti-fracking advertising campaigns.

The group cited comments from the Lib-Dem energy secretary, Ed Davey, who in March described the idea that fracking would massively reduce prices and transform the economy as ‘ridiculous’.

However, the ASA rules today that given the disagreements, Greenpeace was wrong to state as fact that the introduction of fracking in this country will not cut energy bills.

The watchdog pointed to the comments made by Mr Cameron as evidence there is no consensus on the impact on bills.

It said: ‘While we acknowledged that Greenpeace had provided quotes from 22 people, groups or organisations, demonstrating support for the view that fracking would not reduce energy prices, we understood that there was a significant division of informed opinion on the issue.

‘While we understood the claim was made in the context of a public debate on fracking, we considered the claim was absolute in nature and, therefore, implied the statement was accepted among informed opinion, which we understood was not the case. Because of that, we concluded that the ad was misleading.’

Greenpeace dismissed the decision and questioned the impartiality of the ASA.



Anonymous said...

Greenpeace is made up of mostly activists with no regard for truth.

Anonymous said...

If gas prices in the US are any indication, greenpeace is flat out lying.

Bird of Paradise said...

Greenpeace go away

terrence said...

GreenPUSS always lies.

Alpha Skua said...

Greenpeace like its sibling Sea Shepards are nothing by pirates and terrorists on the high seas radical enviromentalists Paul Watson(Names HERO of the PLANET by that leftists rag TIME)has been banned from Norway becuase of his crimes

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't fit their agenda they distort the truth like every leftist organisation. The shame is on the idiots that believe them because of the brainwashing of the current education system. Time to purge politics from the education system until the students are capable of deciding the facts for themselves, i.e. post university.

Flu-Bird said...

Greenpeace ruined the lives of thousands of tuna fishermen with their faked dolphin kill film but they could'nt care less about these innocent people all they care about is their stupid enviromental philosephies