Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Satirical owner of BBQ restaurant in trouble over mention of race

The owner of a Colorado barbecue joint has spoken out, after the restaurant was harshly criticized online for its scheduled 'White Appreciation Day' next month.

Rubbin' Buttz BBQ and Country Cafe is going to give white patrons on June 11th ten percent off.

Commenters on the Milliken restaurant's Facebook page have claimed that Rubbin' Buttz is offering a racist deal. Its Yelp page has also received a heap of negative one-star reviews, ever since the scheduled event was first revealed in a KUSA report last week.

Restaurant co-owner Edgar Antillon told Daily Mail Online that Rubbin' Buttz was evacuated on Friday after a bomb threat had been called in.

Addressing critics, Antillon said 'I think they should actually know what the day is really about.'

Co-owner: Edgar Antillon, who co-owns Rubbin' Buttz BBQ, is also a concealed carry activist. He has said 'We wanted to emphasize white appreciation because there's a lack of that'

The discount, he explained, was 'making a joke about the need of us having Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month, and understanding what we want to accomplish is eliminate the need for that.'

'We're all Americans,' he said. 'We're all from one country whether we were born here or not.'



Anonymous said...

It is interesting that those attacking him do not realize that white males (when Hispanics are removed) are a minority in the United States. That will not change their attack but makes the racist attack invalid.


Anonymous said...

It should be the EXACT equivalents eg. "White History Month", etc., and then no viable or logical objections could be made, whether on racist or other grounds.

Bird of Paradise said...

All those opposed to his White Appriation day should all just GET A LIFE and stop behaving like spoiled little brats

Anonymous said...

The US needs to have a special cleansing day when Obama leaves the Whitehouse. No doubt the mere mention of the name Whitehouse upsets both him and Michelle. I am actually surprised he never had the outside repainted, just in in the name of racial equality.