Thursday, May 21, 2015

Muslim  hate in a London university

Incitement to violence is not generally protected speech

The university equality officer at the centre of a racism and sexism row could lose her job after she allegedly tweeted a hashtag 'kill all white men'.

Bahar Mustafa, 27, student union Welfare and Diversity Officer at Goldsmiths University in London, was accused of discrimination after she told white people and men 'not to come' to a meeting she was organising to discuss 'diversifying the curriculum'.

Now students have launched a petition calling for her to be removed from the post, saying she has 'made students feel intimidated', been 'unprofessional in her public conduct' and 'encouraged or expressed hatred based on an individual’s race, gender, or social position'.

A similar petition on the public site, which says she should be expelled has more than 2,700 online signatures, although another one backing her has been signed by nearly 1,300 people.

The students union petition, which closes on May 26, calls for a vote of no confidence in Ms Mustafa and claims she used hashtags including #killallwhitemen, as well as calling someone 'white trash' on Twitter.   

Ms Mustafa's ban on white people and men from the meeting was made public last month.



Anonymous said...

If anyone connected to a university used a hashtag that implied killing all people of color or LBGT's they would be immediately fired. But as is increasingly obvious white people especially men are fair game for anything.


Bird of Paradise said...

Send this old hag back to where she came from

terrence said...

The petition now has 15,265 supporters

9,735 needed to reach 25,000

Anonymous said...

Amazing that a student's union is actually calling for her sacking. She must have really upset the socialists on campus and let me guess that her supporters are from the religion that must not be named.

Alpha Skua said...

Anon 8:22. Make that the STUPIDS UNION these dumb as sticks students cant think without their collage knownothing at their side