Monday, May 25, 2015

Completely nuts

The animal rights group PETA made an official complaint that sheep on an outback [Australian] property were sworn at by a cursing shearer on an outback property in far western NSW.

The allegation by the People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals was investigated by the RSPCA after an 'undercover' PETA operative secretly filmed footage of a worker in a shearing shed using bad language during a live shearing session.

The RSPCA did not pursue the swearing claims because PETA's footage was inadmissable in court as it had been filmed without permission on private property, and because the claims of cruelty 'came down to one person's word against another'.

Ken Turner, who operates Boorungie Station with his wife Vivien, said the PETA complaint suggests that sheep understand English and he didn't know you could offend sheep with rude words.

But he had no complaints from his herd, a bemused Mr Turner told Macquarie Radio saying, 'none of them actually told me they were offended'.



Anonymous said...

Liberals become more ridiculous all the time.

stinky said...


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of half wits. I hope these idiots aren't registered as a charity because I would be disgusted if my tax dollars were supporting these morons. I can't think of one exercise in publicity where they have actually changed public opinion. More often that not they highlight their cause by being charged with trespass.

As the farmer said, they don't object tot the f word but they might draw the line at baahstard.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so now they're accusing people of cruelty for swearing at animals? Millions of people listening to rap? meh

Lunatics, certifiable lunatics.

Anonymous said...

Don't these idiots realise that PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals. Do they think that swearing at an animal will ruin the flavour?
Is there no insanity that these lefty morons won't indulge in? Since plants respond to music perhaps we should stop eating vegetables?

Larry Underwood said...

I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals. I am a vegetarian because I hate vegetables.

Bird of Paradise said...

PETA has got to be the worlds stupidists organizations around just makes you think the dumb animal rights activists and they still get the usial hollywood idiots(Pamela Anderson,Alec Baldwin etc)to do stupid ads for them

Alpha Skua said...

Heres proof that a strict vean diet may cuase a persons brain to shrink why else is PETA such a stu[id organization with their pea sized brains and their stupid philosephies