Friday, May 01, 2015

Must not suggest that men and women may have different food preferences

A cafe has come under fire for offering a breakfast menu with separate food suggestions for male and female diners.
Caffe Be On, in Clare Street, Bristol, has been accused of sexism on Twitter after a photo of its 'his' and 'her' breakfast went viral.

The restaurant's £7.95 meal deal offers a full English for men, while women get to enjoy a muffin, poached egg, and smoked salmon for the same price.

The menu has come under attack after a picture of it was posted by Charlotte Murray.  The charity administrator from St Werburgh's also tweeted the picture to Everyday Sexism, an organisation that addresses the discrimination women face on a daily basis.

On the menu, men are offered tortilla, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushroom, cheese, ham, bread and butter as part of the 'For Him' deal.  Female diners on the other hand can breakfast on an English muffin, smoked salmon, poached egg, salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, avocado, red onion, blueberry yoghurt and pumpkin seeds.

In her initial post, Ms Murray had said: 'Not impressed with these gendered menu choices in a Bristol Café. WTF.'

Speaking to FEMAIL, Ms Murray said: 'The positive responses have been great.  'I'm glad that people are recognising that it is lazy stereotyping and that there's no need for it.'

'This plays into lazy stereotypes about masculinity and femininity - that women are very diet and health conscious, men are grease-loving slobs. It feels patronising and old-fashioned,' she said to Bristol Post.

A spokesman for the cafe told FEMAIL: 'This menu has been up for over two months.  'We never thought that this is going to be offensive to anyone.  'When we were creating the menu we chose these names because it was designed for couples and based on customer feedback from men and women, but we never thought it could be read as sexist.

'There were no complaints before this, nobody has spoken about this. The menu is now down.' 



Anonymous said...

Did the restaurant say that women were not allowed to order the men's breakfast ?

Bird of Paradise said...

I suppose if they had printed a mens menu in blue a womens menu in pink they would be run out of buisness by the PC crowd

Anonymous said...

The fact there exist definitive studies showing that men an women are different is ignored by feminist (as similar data about different races) because it does not coincide with their belief system.


Anonymous said...

The menu seems more disparaging about men than women, as if men are clueless about a healthy diet and care even less.

Anonymous said...

Since when did a tortilla become part of a traditional English breakfast? Didn't realise Mexican were part of the influx of illegals.

Anonymous said...

Who knows what "English" is anymore!

Alpha Skua said...

Once the Brititsh Lion roared and now thanks to the whiny little liberals in meows

Anonymous said...

Many so-called British or UK citizens have their actual loyalties and identities located east of Suez.

Anonymous said...

scientifically speaking, men and women ARE different.