Monday, January 21, 2013

Skiing atheist joins lawsuit to remove Jesus statue; case moves forward

A lawsuit calling for the removal of a statue of Jesus from a patch of federal land at Whitefish Mountain Resort will move forward to trial after a national organization of atheists and agnostics identified a local member and avid skier who regularly encounters the statue on Big Mountain and finds it offensive.

The group, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, filed the legal action to get rid of the statue in U.S. District Court in Missoula in February, charging that the religious symbol – a historic icon on Big Mountain – violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  [Just HOW does it establish a church?]

The suit names as defendants the U.S. Forest Service and Flathead National Forest Supervisor Chip Weber, who in January issued a decision to reauthorize a special use permit allowing the statue to remain. Members of a local chapter of the Knights of Columbus who maintain the statue and lease the site also are named.



Anonymous said...

Bigots. So if someone found a statue of MLK offensive could they get it removed? MLK was a very public member of the clergy. These FFRF are evangelical atheists and anti christian bigots. They're a hate group, who has a sole purpose to attack a specific religion.

Bird of Paradise said...

Im getting so tired of these selfsih self centred athiests forcing their tadical ideas on us all They all ned to keep their big fat noses out of our lives.What we realy need is freedom from these selfish athiests

Anonymous said...

"They all ned to keep their big fat noses out of our lives"

And you keep your delusional religious nose out of my life.

Brian from Rochester NY said...

Anonymous 3:26,

Seems to me he IS keeping his nose out of your life. No one is preaching to the skier, no one is forcing anyone who sees the statue to convert.

The only ones making any stink about this are those who see a statue and are thus offended by its mere presence.

Which ammendment gives one the freedom from being offended?

There is absolutely no establishment of religion going on here. There is no one saying this statue resents the only true religion. There is nothing here except a person who thinks his being offended makes him more important than years of history in which a simple statue never raised an eyebrow until he came along to set us all right.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:26, is someone forcing you to believe what they believe? Aside from the atheists that is.

Have you noticed how atheists always manage to find that one person, no matter where they are, who has a complaint? Hmm... It wouldn't surprise me to find that it's always the same person. They just keep moving him/her/it around the country.

If we were a sensible, logical society, atheists would be seen as what they truly are, vermin, and a bounty would be put on all their heads as is done with other pests.

Anonymous said...

If we were a sensible, logical society, they we would have no need for a god.

Anonymous said...

Anon4:05, perhaps there is a bounty on YOUR head. Society does not need horrible people like you.

Go Away Bird said...

Annon 4:44 the world can do without athiests fools like you we have too many athiests idiots

Dean said...

3:26 AM. I understand where you're coming from. A while back was in the presence of a statue of Buddha and felt an almost overpowering impulse to become a Buddhist.

Fortunately the next icon I saw was Ronald McDonald so I ate a hamburger instead.

Anonymous said...

The ffrf should be declared a hate group and put on a watch list by the justice department. They never have a problem with islam, so they should be considered a terrorist group. whatever they are a bunch of fucking assholes.

Anonymous said...

I think these crap athesist groups should be forced to name their clients. I think people would find out they had no real clients.

Kee Bird said...

Skiining athiests needs to have a sudden meeting with a tree while out there showing the selfcentred selfishness

Anonymous said...

4:54 PM, they never have issues with islam because like most atheists they lack the courage of their convictions.

Attacking christians is easy, everyone knows they will not attack you (physically) or threaten to kill you or blow you up if you "insult" them.

Islam is about as intolerant as a religion can get but not a word form anyone about that, just christians and sometimes the other favorite religious wiping boy, jews.

Atheists are not only hypocrites, they are cowards!

BTW, Atheism is also a religion based on the dictionary definition:

Religion (noun):A specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects
The body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:40, Jesus just told me you are going to hell.

Anonymous said...

11:40 Your narrow definition of "religion" would cover political parties.
You also claim that "not believing" in something (theism) is itself a belief (a-theism), so at best that's a paradox, and at worst pure non-sense.