Thursday, January 17, 2013

Are Britons now free to say insulting things?

It seems not.  The word "insulting" will be removed from the law but the word "abusive" will be retained.  So what was once called "insulting" will now be called "abusive" and nothing will change

Ministers agreed to scrap a law outlawing ‘insulting words or behaviour’ last night after a campaign led by comedian Rowan Atkinson.

Home Secretary Theresa May announced a dramatic U-turn yesterday saying the government would ditch the contentious words from the Public Order Act amid fears that they are strangling free speech.

The Blackadder and Mr Bean star led a coalition of campaign groups complaining that the legislation has been abused by over-zealous police and prosecutors to arrest Christian preachers, critics of Scientology, gay rights campaigners and even students making jokes.

Mrs May told the Commons that the word ‘insulting’ would be removed from Section 5 of the Public Order Act, as part of the Crime and Courts Bill.

She told MPs: ‘Looking at past cases, the Director of Public Prosecutions could not identify any where the behaviour leading to a conviction could not be described as “abusive” as well as “insulting”.

'He has stated that the word “insulting” could safely be removed without the risk of undermining the ability of the CPS to bring prosecutions.



Bird of Paradise said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful thought police.

Anonymous said...

So now the Brits have comedians helping them write their laws? Looking at the Britain of today, one would not be at all surprised, since the whole country is a joke.

N.R.A. said...

British law abiding citizens need more guns.

Go Away Bird said...

Britian needs to totaly dump the EUROWEENIE UNION

Anonymous said...

Britain/British does not equal England & Wales. Scotland has its own laws and legal system. Likewise its own educational system, national church, etc.