Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Church of England's official Twitter feed sparks row after 'offensive' joke about gay marriage and Katie Price

A totally harmless joke

The Church of England’s official Twitter feed was branded ‘offensive’ yesterday after a quip about gay marriage and former glamour model Katie Price.

A user calling himself ‘Just Skippy’ began the exchange by sending a question to the Church’s Twitter account, @c_of_e.  He wrote: ‘Can I ask what @c_of_e thinks about Katie Price marrying for 3rd time making a mockery of marriage yet you are against Homosexual marriage.’

In response, the Church replied: ‘We don’t have an official policy on Katie Price. Having said that, Jordan gets quite a few mentions in the Old Testament’ - a reference to the reality star’s name in her glamour modelling days.

While some readers were amused by the unexpectedly light-hearted quip, others took offence - illustrating the pitfalls of trying to communicate to the world in just 140 characters.



Bird of Paradise said...

Q. Whats the diffrence between a liberal and a horses backside? A. Not very much

Anonymous said...

This is simply an example of how radical gay activists try to create the illusion that their numbers are far greater than they actually are. It's called, intimidation.

I wonder if they are also bothered by the church of England's acceptance of Sharia Law?

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if they are also bothered by the church of England's acceptance of Sharia Law?"

Well, this liberal is bothered. All religions should stay out of government, including mooslims.

Go Away Bird said...


Anonymous said...

I thought the response clever, appropriate and fun.
However, it showed a limited knowledge of the Bible - while it is more commonly used in the Old Testament Jordan is also mentioned numerous times in the New Testament - including (probably most famously) as the site of Jesus' baptism by John.

Anonymous said...

I see that my Q&A harmless joke comment was deleted. So much for free speech.

Kee Bird said...

Like those extremists from ACT-UP they need to be rounded up and deporrted

Anonymous said...

Kee Bird - It sounds like you're just making troll comments. If not, please say something that's at least feasible.