Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Footballer sparks racism row after 'blacking up' for Three Kings Day as he visits children in Spanish hospital

A fun tradition under attack for no good reason

Retired Dutch footballer Ruud Van Nistelrooy has been accused of racism after visiting a hospital dressed as a King with a 'blacked-up' face.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid striker, who was taking part in the Parade of the Three Kings in Marbella, Spain, dressed up as Middle Eastern king Balthazar.

Wearing black face make-up, a jewelled head dress and a robe with a leopard print trim, the Dutchman entertained the crowds at the weekend.

Along with the two other 'Kings', Van Nistelrooy visited a hospital where he gave gifts to staff and handed out sweets to children.

He posted several photos of his costume on Twitter writing: 'In hospital with presents for the young and old.'

But many fans were outraged and Twitter user Ian Harding tweeted: 'What the sweet Jesus is Rudd Van Nistelrooy doing? And yes, that's actually him!!'

McAllyn wrote: 'Nistelrooy Is A Huge Racist Piece of S***'

Kris Maher ‏wrote: 'So this what Ruud Van Nistelrooy has been up to since he retired!?'


Note whom the hate speech is coming from


Anonymous said...

"A loving and devoted mother"?

Apparently, Brits have a strange notion of what a loving and devoted mother is. Or, they are simply bowing, once again, to the future rulers of Britain.

Anonymous said...

If "racism" is not intended, then it isn't "racism". It's stupid to interpret other's actions according to one's own standards. It's like thinking that two men in a foreign country holding hands means they are gay, whereas it's only friendship in some cultures.

Bird of Paradise said...

How many of those who cry RACSIST and themselves REVERSE RACSIST?