Thursday, January 31, 2013

Must not mention that some people are mentally retarded

A more sophisticated person might have called the team "challenged".  It would be fun seeing what reaction that got.  "Challenged" is PC at the moment but if it became widely used, it too would probably get get criticized.  "Retarded" was once PC too.  It substituted for "stupid", "dumb", "imbecile" etc.  It still is used that way on occasions  -- if you are allowed to mention the subject at all

Former England rugby star and Sky Sports commentator Stuart Barnes has been slammed for accusing England of playing like “retards”.

Barnes, 51, was taking part in a “round table” preview of the Six Nations tournament alongside ex-players Jeremy Guscott, Lawrence Dallaglio and Sean Fitzpatrick, when he made the insensitive remark.

He said of England in the Sunday Times piece: “I hate to say it but I utterly agree with Jerry (Guscott): since 2003, we’ve been retards at the breakdown.”

The chief executive of the London Centre For Children With Cerebral Palsy yesterday criticised Barnes’ “offensive” language.

Marc Crank said: “It’s very unfortunate. Barnes is young enough to know that retard is an offensive term. "It really isn’t appropriate to use and I think it sends out the wrong message.

“If you’re in your 80s, you can be a little more tolerant of this while not actually approving of it. But there’s no excuse here.



Bird of Paradise said...

Retarded people are more intellegent then liberal buricrats and honor students

Dean said...

In the sixties, when I started teaching, we were very proud of outselves. We had done away with the terms imbecele, idiot and moron. In the place of these hurtfull words we came up with 'mentally retarded'.

Ah, the humanity of it all. Nobody would ever be denigrated again by those hurtful terms.

Little did we know that 'mentally retarded' would become a term that meant the person so labled was not as intelligent as the non-mentally retarded population.

And so the search goes on, trying to find a term that so completly disguises the truth that the person so described is seen as no different than anyone else. And then is able to blend into society seamlessly.

The ultimate goal of PC speech. We will all be totally equal. Except, of course, some will be more equal than others.

Go Away Bird said...

You have already proven your intellegent dean you learned to overcome your handicap and conqure it