Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sensitive football fans in Britain!

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has attempted to smooth things over with the Newcastle fans by telling them they are "up there with the best supporters in the game".

Ferguson caused outrage among the Toon Army when he described Newcastle as a "wee club in the North East" during his recent spat with Alan Pardew.

But he told the Mail on Sunday: "It was never my intention to belittle Newcastle fans.

"I want to clear up any misunderstanding that may have arisen over what I said. I have nothing but the highest regard for Newcastle fans and I always have had.

"They are up there with the best supporters in the game.  "Their passion, commitment and fervour have never wavered, even though they have had little to celebrate.


In Scottish and Northern usage "wee" means small but it can be derogatory, meaning insignificant.  And if something is "toty wee", that's real scorn.

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Bird of Paradise said...

Wait for the sensitivity training to begin becuase of euroweenie wussiepants liberal poppycock