Friday, January 04, 2013

British boy engulfed in race storm for blacking up his face to look like his favourite soccer player

Must not look black -- again!

A ten-year-old Leeds United fan has become embroiled in an online race row after he blacked up to pose with his hero El Hadji Diouf.

The child posted a series of pictures on his Twitter account provoking a backlash from users who said he was racist.

But the primary school child said he did not realise it would be offensive and did it as a tribute to his footballing hero.

The boy's father was forced to take to his son's Twitter account to defend him from accusations of racism.

'He asked to dress up as Diouf so we let him for a bit of fun. We completely underestimated the response it would get. Hes only 10 and likes the banter so lay off please thanks for positive comments'.

The fan met his favourite player outside Elland Road ahead of his team's home game against Bolton Wanderers on New Year's Day.

He said Diouf and other Leeds players found the 'costume' - a blacked up face and head, Leeds kit and white mohican - funny.



Anonymous said...

Don't talk to black people, don't reference them, hire them, or associate with them. If you do you risk this kind of treatment sooner or later. At some point you will make a comment or some geasture that you might think is innocent but will ruin your life and your career as the PC police ruin your life. In some cases you might end up being physically assaulted, depending on the situation or geographical location. Best to stay away as much as possible, but for Gods sake, don't reveal you are avoiding them.

Bird of Paradise said...

Welcome to wussieland the new land of PC nonsense Once known as Europe

Anonymous said...

This is quite ironic, since here in the US, young, White fools (called "wiggers") look, dress, sound, and act like blacks all the time. And apparently, it's done deliberately as an attempt to "bond" with blacks. Most blacks find it both insulting and amusing. White folks simply find it stupid.

Anonymous said...

So the one person who has a right to be offended thought it was funny and didn't care. All these other self righteous busy bodies are trying to do is make themselves important when they are really nobody.

Go Away Bird said...

Remember when they tried to starta proffesional soccer teams here in america? Didnt catch on like FOOTBALL,BASEBALL and BASKETBALL

Anonymous said...

Isn't soccer actually football?

Anonymous said...

For obvious reasons, soccer is known as "football" in the rest of the world (or as translated), and American "football" is based on British Rugby. "Baseball" is based on British "Rounders".