Sunday, January 06, 2013

 Denial of Free speech at  Southern Louisiana University

Its "Free Speech Alley" - comprising 1,000 square feet on a 650-acre campus - faces a lawsuit brought by a pro-life plaintiff last month. The University of Cincinnati recently lost a similar case involving that school's attempt to restrict the time and place where the U.S. Constitution held sway.

Among Louisiana's scofflaw schools, SLU is perhaps the worst offender. There, those wishing to express an opinion publicly must be cleared by the thought police 7 days in advance, and even then may have only one 2-hour period every 7 days to speak.

Absurd, yes. Outrageous, too, coming as it does from the very places out of which the next generation of Louisiana's social, economic and political leaders will likely emerge. Those operating, willingly or otherwise, within a cocoon will have a much harder time succeeding in the brighter world where ideas good and bad will be on the final exam.

The real impetus for this - why on earth is it required? - change must come from the students, though. There is no reason they should allow themselves to be shortchanged intellectually, particularly given the higher and higher prices these insulated thought bubble palaces charge.



Bird of Paradise said...

I suggest the collage adminastrators be made to read the U.S. CONSTITUTION and quit ignoring it

Anonymous said...

In he article SLU stands for Southeastern Louisiana University, a public university not St. Louis University, a private University. Of course, this makes the situation even worse since it is absolutely clear that the U.S. Constitution applies to a public university.

Anonymous said...

The cost of the litigation should be subtracted from the university administrator's salary who made this asinine decision. Unfortunately the taxpayers will probably be paying the bill.

Go Away Bird said...

Yeah 12:29 deduct it from lets say 75% of their paychecks

Anonymous said...

St.Louis university is not in Louisiana. Southeastern Louisiana University is in Louisiana.

Anonymous said...

Pius XII was no saint - he was certainly an appeaser or complicit in fascist atrocities during WWII, either by silence or tacit approval.