Sunday, January 13, 2013

Must not wish ill on car thieves in Britain

When Lesley Ross’s car was stolen she reported the theft to the police but didn’t hold out much hope of them finding it. So she decided to turn detective herself.

Her boyfriend took to the streets of Aberdeen in search of the top-of-the-range Audi and Lesley went on Facebook to appeal for help.  Soon, sightings were flooding in every 15 minutes. The Audi was still in the city and one report had it being followed by a police car.

Lesley kept up a running commentary online.

As the hunt progressed, Lesley wrote: ‘Why can’t the cops catch them? They (the thieves) must have been keeping an eye on my house. They have stolen my Range Rover spare keys, too. Are they planning on coming back?

‘Feel sick thinking about it. Hope they wrap the car round a lamp-post and maim themselves.’

At 10.30pm that night, while her boyfriend Ricky Strachan was still scouring the streets, two police officers knocked on the door.  Had they found the car? No, they had come to give her ‘words of advice’ about the way she was ‘handling things on Facebook’.

Lesley admits she may have been a little intemperate, but can’t believe that the police appeared to be more concerned about her remarks on a social network than finding her car.

It does seem extraordinary that while the police could find time to warn Lesley about her ‘offensive’ comments on Facebook, they couldn’t actually track down a stolen car which was being driven at high speed through the streets of Aberdeen.



Anonymous said...

Police the world over hate even implied criticism of their competence, or any form of "competition" that seems more effective.

Bird of Paradise said...

The british isle went all liberal they make it a crime to stop burglars from ransacking a persons home Look what liberals have brougt IDIOTIC POPPYCOCK

Anonymous said...

This is another example which explains why they're known as a nation of PC'ized pansys.

Go Away Bird said...

Some call them theives we also call them POLITICIANS

LogRoller said...

Go Away Bird:

The politician is bad but they have to maintain at least some sort of responsiveness to the public. However the bureaucrat is the one who gets to be as petty and obtuse as they want because they know there's no way you can make them pay for their crime.

It wouldn't surprise me that all of the reporting requirements etc that the police are under have turned them into bureaucrats.

As for the person(s) who stole my car a couple years ago, I think the curse I called on them was much better: "May their wangs forever be floppy". I think that hits them much closer to where they live.

Kee Bird said...

Treat car thieves like d they did horse thieves HANG THEM

Anonymous said...

It's easier to hassle law abiding citizens than for the police to actually do their job.

Anonymous said...

Surely the police were concerned that the commentary might prejudice a prosecution rather than actually constituting an offence for abusing the criminals???