Friday, February 10, 2017

UK: "Racist" to use a hairstyle popular with blacks?

Bristol University students have been accused of “blacking up” for a fancy dress party after wearing cornrow braids to impersonate fictional characters for the television show Orange is the New Black. 

However, the two female undergraduates have defended their outfits, claiming they were dressing up as a “white girl with blonde hair” and were merely wearing heavy facial make–up.

The university has summoned them to a meeting with Professor Nishan Canagarajah, who is chair of Bristol’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group. The theme of the house party, which took place on Friday night, was Teams, Memes and 2016.

They were accused by peers of cultural appropriation, with the student union stating that it is a case of racism. But the students rejected the claims, saying they were dressing up as a white character, named Patricia Miller.

One told student paper The Tab: “I’ve been wanting to get my hair done in braids for a while now… Wearing BB CRÈME, which is not to be confused with foundation is what I always wear on a night out. I find it deeply offensive to be accused of being racist for my hairstyle, make-up and outfit.”



Bird of Paradise said...

Looks like they have big furry catapillars glued on their heads

Anonymous said...

I find it deeply offensive to be accused of being racist for my hairstyle, make-up and outfit.”

To be as you please is not acceptable unless you have a twisted mind such as homosexual or transgender.

Anonymous said...

What I find ridiculous is UK college students wanting to emulate fictional prison inmates. That a show about fictional prison inmates would be popular with democratic voters in the USA is understandable given that most of them have a relative in prison or have been there themselves.


Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

This no longer Churchill's britian anymore its being ruined by the PC busybodies and the one worlders

Anonymous said...

I suppose the movie "10" is to be slammed also. This past November the wife and I went on a cruise. At the port in Nassau, there was a booth set up where a number of women who were definitely NOT black were getting their hair "culturally appropriated" in braids, cornrows and beads. Oh, the humanity!!! LOL