Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Nazi-era German anthem at tennis tournament sparks outrage

It's not actually a Nazi anthem.  It is just a patriotic anthem that was used both before and during the Nazi regime.  It was also the anthem of the very "progressive" Weimar regime so tying it to the Nazis is a bit absurd

The United States Tennis Association has apologised after a version of the German national anthem associated with the Nazi era was accidentally sung at a tournament in Hawaii.

The obsolete first verse, including the words "Germany, Germany above all else" was sung by a soloist at the Fed Cup.

The error left members of the German team and fans upset and angry.

The USTA extended "a sincere apology to the German Fed Cup team and fans for the outdated National Anthem".  "This mistake will not occur again," it said.

The song, the Deutschlandlied, became the official German anthem under the democratic Weimar Republic in the 1920s.

But after World War Two, the first, contentious verse was dropped and the Federal Republic adopted only the third verse beginning "Unity and justice and freedom".



Anonymous said...

Shades of Faulty Towers "don't mention the war'.More petty bullshit from the left. Should we now examine every national anthem for its nationalist ideologies? if then most will fail. What is a national anthem if it is no a nationalist call for solidarity. The music from the German anthem has been around for decades and leaves those that hear it to fill in the words. Just because some incompetent non-German soloist chooses the wrong words the German nation is shamed. I don't find that the German Republic has anything to apologise for.

Bird of Paradise said...

Becuase the National Antheme would offend the little snowflakes as playing a nzi era song becuase snowflakes are whining little twats

Anonymous said...


This isn't about what the German nation feels about their anthem or apologizing.

This is about the USTA playing and singing the WRONG anthem.

It is THEIR song and they should be able to say which verses and words comprise that song.

If the USTA can't get it right, then shame on them for being stupid. Don't blame the Germans for this.

Anonymous said...


For someone who cannot spell and can't use correct grammar, perhaps you should spend time on that rather than yelling about "snowflakes."

Americans would be upset (and rightfully so) if during the Olympics, the song "Dixie" was played and portrayed as the US National anthem. This incident is equivalent.

Finally, for someone who is whining about other nations' anthems, I would bet my last dollar that you don't know the words to the "Star Spangled Banner."

Maybe you should bone up on the US anthem before you start trying to tell other nations what their anthem should be.

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon 5:36 Go blow the wax from your ears pinhead

Anonymous said...


Once again I feel wounded by your retort!

Once again you demonstrate a lack of command of the English language and grammar so at least you are consistent.

The funny thing about "people" like you is that you are quick to hurl the insults but can't deal with actual points against your beliefs. You can't debate with anyone because you seem incapable of critical thinking.

Perhaps a GED course will help you.

Then again, perhaps not because to get into most GED classes, you have to demonstrate an educational level above the sixth grade.

You are far from that.

Anonymous said...

Good on you 10:18 AM !!!