Friday, February 17, 2017

Must not present yourself as another race

Karlie Kloss apologized on Wednesday for a controversial Japanese-inspired photoshoot for Vogue in which she posed as a geisha, with dark black hair and a pale face. See the model’s apology below for the pictures, which many are deeming racist and culturally insensitive.

The shoot appeared in Vogue’s recent “diversity” issue, which was designed to celebrate women of different body shapes and ethnicities. But in the process, the photos of Kloss, dressed in traditional geisha garments, had the opposite effect and were called racist. In one image, the 24-year-old model, sporting dark hair and a yellowish hue, posed alongside a sumo wrestler. And in another picture, Kloss was standing on the stairs of a tea house wearing a flowered kimono.

After the photos emerged, however, both Kloss and Vogue were accused of racism for running the images in the “diversity” issue, which featured an Asian model on its cover with Kloss. The magazine quickly removed the photos from its website after the “yellow face” images were assailed for being racist and culturally insensitive.



Bird of Paradise said...

While most kids quit whining after a certian age little liberal snowflakes never stopped their whining

Anonymous said...

Two words: Rachel Dolezal

Anonymous said...

The japanese used Chinese, Korean, and Caucasian women as "comfort" for their troops in WW2 and dressed many in geisha garb. While the Germans were pilloried for similar actions the "Asians" have largely been given a pass. This insignificant transgression versus the horrors perpetrated in the past truly puts the progressives agenda in perspective.


Anonymous said...

I refuse to stop appreciating other cultures simply because some idiots think that such an appreciation is "insensitive".

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Multi culterailsm needs to be stopped from forcing themselves on the rest of us

Anonymous said...

Those that oppose cultural adoption should perhaps look at their adoption of the Anglo culture, perhaps the most adopted culture.