Monday, February 20, 2017

Must not suggest that a fat black female politician is unattractive

In Britain in 2017, you can be punished for your private thoughts. You can be ridiculed in public for what you say behind closed doors. You can be made to apologise to the world for something you said in confidence to a friend. Seriously. How else do we make sense of the scandal over Tory Brexit minister David Davis’s text messages about Labour MP Diane Abbott? Here we have a politician being demonised by the political and media set — branded ‘vile’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘appalling’ — for a private comment. That should worry you far more than what Davis actually said, for it suggests there is now no area of life where you can speak freely and frankly without risking sanction.

After the Commons vote on Brexit last week, Davis is said to have approached Abbott for a kiss but apparently she told him to ‘fuck off’. Later, a Tory friend texted Davis to ask him about the incident. Davis texted back saying he hadn’t tried to kiss Abbott, and wouldn’t, because ‘I am not blind’. In short, he thinks Abbott is unattractive.

It is tempting at this point to say Davis’s text messages were crude. But that would be wrong, because the fact is they’re none of our business. He did not say these things for public consumption. It was an off-hand, matey remark of the kind all of us make via text or email or WhatsApp or whatever. That Davis’s texts were leaked doesn’t make it okay to haul him over the coals for them, to insist that he retract and repent, because this still amounts to shaming someone for a private conversation. The correct response to the texts would be to say: ‘This is not my concern. People can think and say whatever they like in private.’

Of course that hasn’t been the response, because such is the stifling intensity of the ‘You Can’t Say That!’ culture that now even private speech, glorified thoughts in essence, are considered fair game by the shut-it-down brigade. ‘You Can’t Think That!’ — the next, logical frontier. So it was that Labour MPs ‘called out’ Davis for being ‘misogynistic’, a ‘total and utter disgrace’, a ‘vile, sexist man’. He should apologise, they said. And he did. ‘The secretary of state is very sorry for any offence caused’, said a spokesman. A man publicly apologising for private chatter — this is bad.



Anonymous said...

It seems that political correctness is even worse in England than elsewhere.

Bird of Paradise said...

Political Correctness is a pluague everywhere its established its just another form of socialism/communiem

Anonymous said...

The media have become a law unto themselves and have become vigilantes. It is time to send them a message since our gutless mainstream politicians won't. Report the facts and stop the distortion of the truth by your commentators, NOW. It is time that media commentators became objective not subjective. Are they so stupid to believe that the public can't see through them? They are the reason Trump was elected due to the transparent sycophancy during the Obama years. They are directly responsible for the current state of the nation because they lost the trust of the average citizen in order to curry favor with the left elite. The left have become totally unhinged. They represent the violent side to the American society now, they have become everything they have accused the right of which never came to pass. It started under Obama and he is not going to let the chance of revolution pass after leaving the presidency. He will do everything he can to undermine Trump in order to set up a socialist empire come the next election. He will come close to committing treason to achieve his objectives and may actually cross the line. God help America because half of it's population won't.

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts. He shouldn't be crucified for it either.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Anon 1:35 Unfortunaly these progresivists will want this person burned at the stake for daring to challenge their rules