Thursday, February 02, 2017

Tenant's 'old queen' taunt sees her on trial for hate speech

The case was a continuation of a trial which began last year‚ where Timothy Trengrove-Jones‚ of Gleneagles flats in Killarney‚ accused co-tenant Elvira Oelofse of hate speech.

During an argument in July 2016 involving the installation of nets over plumbing ducts at the flats ‚ Trengrove-Jones‚ who is gay‚ alleged that Oelofse called him a "f****** old queen".

The nets were being installed to stop pigeons from settling in ducts but Oelofse feared the birds would be harmed and got into an altercation with workmen‚ warning them that she knew Japanese martial arts.

Oelofse and Trengrove-Jones then started arguing and he was referred to as being "common" and "disgusting" in addition to a “old queen”.

Previously the court heard Trengrove-Jones testify that the insult “was based on my identity as a gay male (and) aimed to mock me on the basis of my sexuality".

Trengrove-Jones is seeking an apology and R50‚000 in damages.


It sounds like he really was an old queen, hyphen and all


Bird of Paradise said...

To liberals with their walnut sized brains hhate speech is anything that makes whining little snowflakes cry or feel bad becuase liberals are narrow minded idiots cant think until they have watched GMA or TODAY

Anonymous said...

So, basically she was charged with calling someone a mean name...???
That is what is occupying our courts now - playground taunts.
Nice to know that all other serious crimes have been disposed of.

Anonymous said...

The authorities should be totally embarrassed that this case even made it to court. Must be a different social climate in South Africa to allow this to go forward.