Friday, February 10, 2017

Some explanations for poor school performance are not permitted

"Dangerous" thoughts below, apparently

SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass. - Racially insensitive statements by teachers during confidential interviews, and a letter that Receiver-Superintendent Jessica L. Huizenga recently wrote that some parents suggest ventured too far into politics, have fueled concerns in the state-run school district.

Both issues surfaced last week and are expected to be aired at a community meeting Thursday evening.

Twelve months ago, the state seized control of the chronically underperforming district, which has a high concentration of Hispanic students.

During a meeting of the School Committee and Town Council last week, a special-education presenter included a series of offensive statements by anonymous teachers.

To a question about what's the root cause of behavior and academic issues in Southbridge, the auditor reported a teacher said, "All the Puerto Rican families end up living together because they cannot afford their own housing and then they end up inbreeding."

Another teacher asserted that immigrant parents don't provide structure, while a third teacher pointed to a widespread drug problem.

The statements originated during focus groups of teachers, parents and staff members during an audit. Ms. Huizenga said she will never know who made the statements because of confidentiality agreements.

Presenter Lauren Katzman, the executive director of the Education Development Center's Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative, called it "dangerous to think like that and work with students."



Bird of Paradise said...

Our schooll system sucks Johnny still cant read becuase he is being tuaght to be tr5ee hugging gegan tree hugger little ballet dancing Pajama boy

Anonymous said...

called it "dangerous to think like that and work with students."

To the Liberal crowd, truth is dangerous ?????

crow said...

One of the essential steps in problem solving, after defining the problem is to list all conceivable solutions/options/considerations.

No matter how ridiculous they may be, all conceivable options should be listed.

Only after that step of listing all options comes the weighing up, judging and assessing of the options.

To disallow certain considerations is foolish, it is not approaching problem solving in a rational way but in an emotional and limited way.

Anonymous said...

There might be more to this story than meets the eyes but you have to read the entire article.

The school district in question has been taken over by the state because it under performs. The district teachers, the teachers' union, the schools' leadership, etc, all seem to hate the takeover.

What better way to show the failure of the takeover than to make outrageous statements? Doing so would show a failure in leadership, goals, and progress from the state taking over the district.

Certainly there is a stigma attached to working in a school district where you and your colleagues have failed so you might as well make comments that are so outrageous that show the state has failed in order to return the district to local control.

The one statement that is truly absurd is the statement on inbreeding. Anyone "educator" who made such a statement should be terminated, but their job will be protected by the teachers' union. The other two statements may have basis in truth and do not seem to be racially motivated at all.

There's a problem in that district and the system itself - from the teachers on up - seem to be more concerned with protecting their jobs rather than educating.

Anonymous said...

Almost all my siblings are teachers and they cannot wait to retire and get out of a system that has basically become a propaganda machine for the left and protects incompetence. Once you become a teacher unless you have sex with your students or express conservative views it is almost impossible to be fired. Many of the worst performing teachers become union representatives because that gives them power over their more competent peers. The new administration will address this and that is one of the reasons why the left hates them so much.


Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

In the days whe the 3 R's was READING,RITTEN &rITHATIC NOW TH 3 R's TO THE ECO-MINDED YOUTHS IS Reduce,Reuse,Recycle(They made stupid song about it to)our schools suffer becuase of PC poppycock

Anonymous said...

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird,

Based upon the writings, spelling and grammar of you and the other "birds" that post here, clearly you never passed the "three R's" that you support.

Anonymous said...

You don't get taught anything in bird-cages except to say (but not to spell or punctuate)- "Who's a pretty boy then?".

Anonymous said...

It is true. They sing a silly song about reduce, reuse, recycle.

Darzee the Tailorbird said...

And the oil pipeline opponsents are leaving a big big mess while opposing a pipeline typical enviroemntalists do as i say not as i do and Earthday the day when they get together to show to the world their all a bunch of screwballs

Anonymous said...

Dazee, put some commas or full stops in your typing. Your sentences run into each other like Vicky Pollard.