Friday, February 24, 2017

Does Obama remind you of a cream-filled chocolate cookie?

Rich Melton isn't backing down following a controversial image he shared recently on his personal Facebook page.

"It was hilarious," the Gardner councilman said. "I think the funniest part was, I don't think it would have been near as funny if the Cheeto wasn't on there."

The Gardner city councilman recently shared this picture on his Facebook page comparing the U.S. presidents to food. The 44th being a cream-filled chocolate cookie.

Anonymous complaints were received by 41 Action News, calling the post racist.


No objection to depicting Trump as a cheeto, funnily enough


Bird of Paradise said...

Obama is more like a dog turd on the sidewalk that you step in and have to scrap off your shoe

Use the Name, Luke said...

Maybe it wouldn't be considered racist if the other presidents weren't represented by crackers, which is a term black use as a racial insult against whites.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Come to think of it, oreo is another terms blacks use to describe "race traitors", blacks who think and act like grownups instead of wallowing in so-called "black culture". (I don't believe there is such a thing. Just a stinkin' thinkin' culture which is claimed to be "black culture" as a way to control others. There is nothing inherently black about it.)

So this appears to be insulting to all the presidents.

Anonymous said...

An apt depiction of the great zero, gooey progressive in a black shell. Depicting Trump as a Cheetos is apt as well, his is nothing like the others even though he is white and he is wildly popular with non progressives like the snack food. I agree that calling the rest white crackers is racist because that is a derogatory term utilized by blacks and progressive whites.


Use the Name, Luke said...

One final thought. I didn't think the image was all that funny. I didn't make me angry, either; just kind of "meh".

It might have been funnier if the older presidents were represented by white bread slices, Obama was represented by a glass of chocolate milk or milk chocolate, and Trump was still represented by a Cheeto. (Especially given the character used to advertise them.)

Anonymous said...

I think if anyone is going to find it racist they will have to find it offends blacks and whites (and oranges) equally.

ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N said...

It's quite apt that depiction of presidents as food will be turned into poo eventually anyway.