Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hate from the anti-hate brigade

The text below is from a British group calling itself "Resisting hate".  They have clearly got a lot of their own hate to go around. They clearly hate Mr Trump (of course!) and various people in Europe. 

And they make not the slightest attempt to justify their hate-speech.  They call Mr Trump a Fascist  -- quite ignoring the fact that Fascists practice strong government control of people while Mr Trump is a vigorous de-regulator.  They hate him so much that they call him by his opposite.  A nasty lot

It's all rather amusing, actually.  The Left are great users of Freudian projection -- seeing their own faults in others.  And the screed below is a nice example of that

There is little need to recap the chaos of 2016. Certainly to anyone with a social media presence or who reads the newspapers the horrors have been all too evident. From an increase in worldwide terrorism to the shock Brexit referendum through the rise in Nationalism, evidenced by support for hate groups like Britain First and National Action, and culminating in the election of a fascist to the American presidency – 2016 was not a good year for humanity.

The worry for many is that 2017 will bring more of the same. Trump takes up his seat in the White House in January, The Netherlands have a strong candidate for hate – Geert Wilders – in their March elections and the equally abhorrent Marine Le Pen, the fascist leader of Front National in France has promised a referendum on the French exit from the EU “Frexit” if she comes to power in April.



Anonymous said...

Liberals are getting more and more desperate. They are losing the control that they love. Maybe, pretty soon, they will no longer be able to dictate to their inferiors.

Anonymous said...

Why do all the hate and violence come from the left? Why is it that socialist groups on the left kill so many people whilst trying to claim victimhood? Why has Chicago the highest murder rate in the country? And people wonder why Donald Trump was elected? If Hillary Clinton had have been more of the same. The best thing for the US would be for California to secede and the build a wall AROUND IT.

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon 2:30 Liberals losing their minds and when it dose come to liberals their not losing much