Monday, February 06, 2017

Must not mention a "Muslim problem"

The pastor at Christian Life Center in Stockton is getting a lot of support and backlash over his sermon on Muslims.

In a sermon last week, Evangelina Solano Rosas took video of Pastor Nathaniel Haney who said we have a "Muslim problem."

He added that "I know some people believe what I'm saying but you're scared to speak up because you don't want get blown up or be exiled."

"I felt really prompted to share this video because for one reason I didn't want his words to go unnoticed. What if he incited someone who was listening to that speech?" said Rosas.



Anonymous said...

What if what he said went unnoticed and some extremist took out the whole congregation. All he is saying is don't live in fear because they win if you do. He is correct in saying that the left has people so scared to say anything in fear of retribution just as the left is doing on university campuses. On campus the fault lies with the administration because they have sheltered the left for so long and allowed them to become violent without fear of retribution. Retribution will come to those universities and it won't be pretty. You can only shit on people for so long before the fight back. I was surprised that under Obama that did not happen but I expect it to happen under Trump. I expect all sectors of society to push back under a conservative administration. How hard they push is up to the left to find out but people in the majority have had enough and the times they are a changing.

Bird of Paradise said...

Who is the fool who called Islam the Religion of Peace anyway? They certianly need to have their head examened

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

We realy have a whining little snowflake problem the snowflakes fall but until the regular snowflakes that leave snow these snowflakes go WHINE,WHINE,WHINE