Sunday, February 26, 2017

Carnival party in Bavaria sparks racism debate in Germany

"Neger" is the normal German word for "negro", which is not abusive

A charity ball in Raindorf has launched a debate in Germany over its use of a derogatory term for black people. The locals have defended the name as "a normal term" in Bavaria's dialect, while critics say it's offensive.

This year, a charity ball in the Bavarian village of Raindorf that donates its proceeds to development projects in African countries inadvertently caused outrage online.

The problem - the annual event is called the "Negerball," a term that translates to "negro ball" or "nigger ball". Although the term in German has a slightly less negative connotation than the English word, it is offensive to many people.



Anonymous said...

Apart from the obvious overtones I don't like being blackballed either.

Bird of Paradise said...

Whine,whine,whine,complain,complain,complain,snivel,snivel,snivel we have far too many snowflakes in the world that need to melt away and evaporate

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised there hasn't been an uproar over the name of that African continent country of NIGER as well. After all, it could sound like something else to the perpetually offender!