Thursday, February 16, 2017

NJ: Must not joke about slavery

A Nottingham High School student has been disciplined after a photo with a racist caption was posted on social media.

The photo, captured on Snapchat, shows the school's gospel choir performing during a Black History Month assembly Monday with the caption, "Slave auction, they work hard and need little rest."

Interim Superintendent Thomas Ficarra said the principal took swift disciplinary action over the "racially insensitive social media post," but did not specify what action was taken.



Bird of Paradise said...

Dose anyone remember Sophmor Slave Day? in High School that was until the liberal snowflakes stuck in their fat fat snouts and whined about it so it was ended STUPID LITTLE SNOWFLAKES

Anonymous said...


I don't remember it because unlike you, I was studying things like spelling and English.

Anonymous said...

The socialist left can't handle sarcasm.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Socialists are party pooper's and killjoys who need to go soak their heads

Darzee the Tailorbird said...

Slavery in amaerica has been dead for over a 100 years or more please give it a rest and forget this reparations for slavery it only fattens the pockets of trial lawyers and there's far too many trial lawyers

Anonymous said...

Slavery was a very vicious evil; it should not be made fun of especially by immature children.

Flu-Bird said...

Americas first slave owner was a black guy and the demacrats were slave owners they founded the KKK to which thelate Robert Byrd was a member and Grand Wizard in his bedsheet

Anonymous said...


The first slave owner in America was not black. Andrew Johnson is known for being the first person in the colonies that a court ruled could own a person in perpetuity.

Yes, members of the Democrat Party (not "demacrats") held slaves. So did some members of what became the Republican party. So did Whigs. What is your point? That somehow Democrats holding slaves made slavery acceptable?

The KKK was founded by people who opposed the reconstruction plans of the South by Republicans. It is believed that the KKK had members of both parties. But if you want to blame people for the KKK, you should address that the KKK was founded as a "Christian" organization that hated members of the Roman Catholic faith and Jews. Is it your belief that Christians are therefore to blame and accountable for slavery?

Robert Byrd was not a "Grand Wizard" in the KKK. His highest rank was "Kleagle," which is a recruiter for the Klan. That is still despicable and in no way lessens his involvement in the Klan.

The problem is that you misstated the rank in order to make Byrd look worse.

If you can't get basic facts right, at least have the decency to change your name to "Flu-Bird Who Lies and Never Studied or Learned History, Spelling and Grammar."

Then people would really know what a clown you and the other "bird-brains" around here are.

Flu-Bird said...

Anon 12:45 Thats what you have been told by the liberal written text books of today Liberals are liars all the time just listen to Hillary or Obama and Gore as well

Anonymous said...

Flu-Bird Who Lies and Never Studied or Learned History, Spelling and Grammar,

So you are a liberal? You and your bird brained friends are all liberals? After all, you lie all the time, so you must be a liberal, right?

The funny thing is that you don't refute any of the things I said. All you can come up with is "you've been lied to by liberal text books."

Funny thing about that is that I graduated a long time ago. My choices of reading materials are not textbooks,but historical books and books of the period.

I would bet my last dollar that you didn't know the name of the black slave owner of which you spoke. To you, he was just a caricature you needed to make a point. It doesn't matter to you that the point is false that that others have read the court documents and actual history. You just want to believe the false narrative in your mind that you never bothered to investigate. You accepted other people's word for it because you wanted to believe in the lies.

You never bothered to look into the actual history of the Klan. You never looked into how there are at least 2 or 3 iterations of the group through history.

Byrd admitted to being a Kleagle. Others in the Klan of the time have corroborated his account. You, on the other hand, have taken an talking point in place of the facts. That doesn't excuse his being a part of the Klan, but at the same time, David Duke claims to be a conservative and has proudly admitted he was an Imperial Wizard in the Klan. Deal with that.

In short, you don't want to know the truth about anything. The truth would get in the way of your blind hate.

The truth would get in the way of your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

The above discussion is an interesting illustration of the modern phenomenon of facts, alternative facts, and convenient and malleable 'facts'...