Monday, February 06, 2017

Morris dancers abused because of their "blacking up" tradition

A group of traditional Morris dancers were "forced to abandon" a city centre performance on Saturday after they were threatened and accused of being racist for painting their faces black.

Witnesses claim the group, from Alvechurch, were heckled and threatened by a minority of onlookers during performances on Corporation Street and New Street near the Bullring.

The dancers were one of more than a dozen Morris groups who were in the city centre on Saturday to celebrate Plough Monday – the traditional start of the agricultural year.

Witnesses claim the Alvechurch group arrived at 11am and had performed without incident in pubs, to groups of local and visiting football fans and to the majority of shoppers.

The issues began when they started dancing near to the Bull outside the Bullring and later near to Marks and Spencer. They were roundly abused and threatened with violence.

One lady was particularly angry and a group of young men started to become very abusive and confrontational, accusing them of being racists, which of course they are not. They started jumping in between the dancers and knocking off their hats.

The dancers tried to explain why their faces were painted black, but they would not listen.

Morris dancers have performed with black face make-up since the origins of the dancing tradition in the 16th century. Known as "Border Morris" the tradition sees performers wearing black paint in order to disguise themselves.

One theory is that it started when impoverished 16th century farm workers had to conceal their faces to avoid being recognised while begging during winter, as asking for money was illegal.



Anonymous said...

Obviously tradition means nothing to todays lefties. It is pity that the constabulary couldn't have intervened on behalf of the dancers but then that would be seen as supporting racists to the narrow minded wouldn't it.

Anonymous said...

Self-appointed protectors of others feel very satisfied with their version of hate.

Bird of Paradise said...

Stupid leftists scumbags as we have seen at U.C. Berkeley their the biggist bypotcrits around now its to to cut off all funding power and water to this stink hole of the west coast

Anonymous said...

Injecting racism because well, ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I have to add to my 9:05 comment, allowing others to inject racism instead of calling them out for their ignorance and correcting them.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberals cant leave anything alone their always sticking their big fat noses into everything they feel might offend the little snowflakes