Monday, February 13, 2017

Leftist hate speech backfires

Sen. Rand Paul voted to confirm Jeff Sessions as President Donald Trump’s attorney general, but that doesn’t mean the Kentucky Republican with libertarian leanings doesn’t have real concerns about how Sessions will run the Justice Department.

And he thinks it will be more difficult to make progress on a criminal justice overhaul with a Trump-Sessions DOJ.

“In some ways, the Democrats made it much more certain that I would vote for him, by trying to destroy his character. I think to me it’s very upsetting that they didn’t choose to go after him on particular issues like civil asset forfeiture, where they might have been able to persuade someone like me,” Paul said Thursday. “They chose to go after him, and try to destroy a man’s character.”



Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals are the most inotollerent bunch of hypotcrits around they can yammer all they want about FREE SPEECH but as we have seen in their little trash hole U.C. BERKELEY their the inollerent little stinkholes

Anonymous said...

Ah Rand Paul, such an interesting family.
Ron Paul - Texas Congressman
Rand Paul - Kentucky Senator
Ru Paul - New York drag queen.