Tuesday, August 19, 2014

'Unkind comments about depression was never my intention': KISS bassist Gene Simmons apologises for saying depressed people should 'f*** off and kill themselves'

Loud-mouthed rocker Gene Simmons has profusely apologised for his outrageous remarks about people battling with mental health and has even deleted his Twitter account following a serious backlash from fans across the globe.

The outspoken KISS bass guitarist made the insensitive remarks, which prompted radio stations around the world to boycott the band’s music, just two weeks before tweeting his condolences about the suicide of comedian Robin Williams.

Simmons publicly apologised on both his Twitter and Facebook accounts after social media users reacted with disgust about the musician’s astounding rant which included the harsh words: ‘F***you, then kill yourself’ when talking about people who suffer from depression and addictions.

But the damage was already done as far as many of his dedicated fans were concerned and Simmons has since deleted his Twitter account which he used on a daily basis.

Simmons' public apology on his Facebook page which was also posted on his Twitter account but he has deleted it since

Australia's Triple M radio station, Canadian stations Power97 and BobFM and New York's longtime WPYX DJ Uncle Vito all led boycotts of KISS music in the wake of Simmons' comments.


Pop musicians get away with a lot but sometimes they get called out


Use the Name, Luke said...

Pop musicians get away with a lot…

And Gene Simmons is probably near the top of that list.

Anonymous said...

I agree with him in part. i get so tired of hearing people his sand moan "I'm so depressed, my life is so bad." STFU!

Well so what? Who isn't depressed from time to time about money, job, relationship, the idiot president?

There is a group like that,it's called EVERYBODY! We meet at the bar at 5!

Bird of Paradise said...

Open Mouth Insert Foot

Stan B said...

Anon 3:48 AM's comments show the ignorance of most people to the mental illness that is Clinical Depression. This is not about feeling bad about specific issues in your life - this is about a brain that refuses to feel good about ANYTHING in your life. My father struggled for years with clinical depression caused by unbalanced brain chemistry. Thank God he was able to get help and that he never sunk so low as to take his own life, but I do remember days when he would just sit and cry about nothing. DAYS. And he would be the first to tell you NOTHING was WRONG!

Gene seems to fall into the same camp as Anon 3:48AM. Ignorance, coupled with intolerance.

Go Away Bird said...

The taste of Toe Jam a very unsial flavor