Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Black basketball player  Calls Rev. Al Sharpton A 'Coon'

Gilbert Arenas uncorked a racial slur on Reverend Al Sharpton ... attacking him over his reaction to the police shooting of Michael Brown and the riots that have followed. Arenas posted his rant on Instagram, saying ... "the stats also show AL coon Sharpton has not helped one situation he has protested at,he actually made it worst and because of him the jury goes the other way." Gilbert appeared to be reacting to news coverage of Sharpton arriving in the St. Louis area and marching arm-in-arm with protesters. As if the racial slur wasn't enough, Arenas added, "#AL ur like a #THOT in the club, lookn for attention. What u said at trayvons rally #enoughisenough ur right were tired of u PRETENDING." Sharpton hasn't responded. Yet.


Amazing what you can say if you have a dark skin


Bird of Paradise said...

In reality Al Sharpton is a Uncle Tom

Anonymous said...

Amazing someone actually said what many have known for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I thought coon was just an Australian derogatory term? The lefties even tried to change of the cheese by that name as they considered it derogatory but the lost.

Sharpton is the major cause for the deterioration of race relations in the US in part because he has Obamas support.

When Obama said he was going to transform America I don't think anyone thought change was a synonym for destroy.

Go Away Bird said...

Al Sharpton needs to keep his piehole shut before he shoves his foot further down it

Flu-Bird said...

I don't want Obama's change its totaly worthless and is probibly counterfit anyway