Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Harry Reid Tells Some Asian "Jokes"

Sen. Harry Reid is continuing his odd habit of providing racial commentaries. It seems that Asians were the next demographic on his list, where his speech to the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce included some awkward jokes about Asian-Americans:

"I don’t think you’re smarter than anybody else, but you’ve convinced a lot of us you are,” Reid, a Nevada Democrat, told the guffawing crowd at the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce. Video of the remarks was recorded by the Republican opposition research group American Rising.

Later, before walking off stage, Reid quipped: “One problem that I’ve had today is keeping my Wongs straight.”

The group decided against backing the Reid-endorsed Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Lucy Flores, supporting Republican Mark Hutchison instead, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.


Amazing what you can say if you are a liberal


Anonymous said...

If Reid were a Republican, they would be calling for his resignation!

Bird of Paradise said...

Scary Harry just another blabbering member of the Stupid Jackass Party his brain has been shrinking since he joined

Anonymous said...

I understand the indignation at the double standard but surely this site should be supporting the right to poke light-hearted fun and having a sense of humour?!?

Anonymous said...

A rock is smarter than Harry Reid the biggest hypocrite in US politics.

Go Away Bird said...

I looked up STUPID and Harry Reid's picture was right next to the word