Thursday, August 14, 2014

British GP surgery tries to BAN its own patients from posting critical comments about standard of care on Facebook

A GP surgery tried to ban its own patients from posting negative comments about the practice on social media.

A poster at the St Lawrence Medical Practice in Braintree, Essex, warned patients that criticisms could be treated as a breach of its 'zero tolerance policy' against abusive treatment if posted on Facebook and Twitter.

The request was made after staff allegedly saw bad language used to describe the surgery's standard of care on a Facebook page.

The sign, which has since been changed, read: 'If you have any comments or complaints about the surgery please write to the practice manager.

'Do not use social media sites, Facebook/Twitter.

'Any comments we see on social media sites may be seen as a breach of our zero tolerance policy.

'We are happy to deal with your comments/complaints in the usual way.'

Practice Manager Alison Rudkin said the sign had been changed and now says: 'This ensures we can respond to people's concerns with patient confidentiality in mind'.

Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of The Patients Association which gathers healthcare feedback from people all over the UK said: 'We believe people should be able to share and explore good and not so good feedback, and also to leave feedback on their personal experiences across the entire spectrum of healthcare.



Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals tend to contaminate what ever country they take over

Anonymous said...

Socialised health care. You don't choose your health care provider, it chooses you.

Anonymous said...

8:53 - not true - in the UK you are free to pay for private health care, and have private health insurance, or to transfer to another NHS doctor.

Anonymous said...

The doctor is saying that if you slam us on social media it is the same as doing it to our face and we will drop you as a patient because of we cannot tolerate hurtful comments. While that may be legal it is extremely bad business practice to ban those who complain about you. Simple suggestion, find another doctor.


Go Away Bird said...

Once the british lion roared now it meows becuase of liberal wussietards

Anonymous said...

So what?
If you 'breach their zero tolerance policy' what the hell can they do about it?
If you are going to slam a medical practice online presumably you aren't going back there anyway.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1230 Not true. In great Britain you pay exorbitant taxes to pay for the public health care system and everything else that is socialized. Only if you're rich can you afford to buy health care