Sunday, August 24, 2014

Student reportedly suspended after saying 'Bless you'

DYER COUNTY, TN - A young girl, who claims she was standing up for her religious beliefs in the classroom, was suspended after breaking a class rule of saying "bless you" after a classmate sneezed.

When Dyer County High School senior Kendra Turner said bless you to her classmate, she says her teacher told her that was for church.

"She said that we're not going to have godly speaking in her class and that's when I said we have a constitutional right," said Turner.

Turner says when she defended her actions, she was told to see an administrator. She says she finished the class period in in-school suspension.

Students sent WMC Action News 5's Michael Clark a photo of the teacher's white board that lists 'bless you' and other expressions that are banned as part of class rules.

Turner's family met with school leaders Tuesday. They say the teacher claimed Turner was being disruptive and aggressive. Some classmates showed support Tuesday by wearing hand made bless you shirts.

Turner said she doesn't want trouble for her teacher but says she'll stand up for her faith.   "It's alright to defend God and it's our constitutional right because we have a freedom of religion and freedom of speech," said Turner.



Anonymous said...

The teacher and the administrator are both tinpot tyrants. They've taken their limited authority and used it to ban things they don't want to hear, not just the things that are the source of problems.

Saying "Bless You" is a ridiculous anachronism but it is not the least bit harmful so banning it is an exercise in excess control.

Anonymous said...

It's just an traditional expression that to most people has lost its original context.

Anonymous said...

If she'd have said "Gesuntheit", she would have been accused of Nazi war crimes as well.

Anonymous said...

I smell a lawsuit coming on. A very much needed first amendment lawsuit with damages.

Bird of Paradise said...

This is just another reason why our school system stinks its these petty tyrants and little hitler's trying to change peoples though prosess