Friday, August 22, 2014

Old-fashioned slang for homosexuals lands Australian regional politician in trouble

The Northern Territory’s Deputy Chief Minister Dave Tollner is in trouble after being heard calling the gay son of fellow Country Liberals Party politician Gary Higgins a “pillow biter” and “shirt lifter.”

The incident happened during a row over the content of a draft speech, reports the NT News. It may have serious fall-out, with Higgins reportedly telling the parliamentary wing that he would boycott all party meetings while Tollner remained in a leadership position.

Tollner has apologised to Higgins’ son for the comments, which have also been condemned by Chief Minister Adam Giles as “inappropriate” and “not acceptable.”


The Northern Territory is something of a Wild West in Australia so political incorrectness is common there


Anonymous said...

Political mud-slinging is likely to rebound and get messy. But dumb to be abusive about an opponent's family members and not expect unfavorable consequences (even in the outback "Wild North").

Bird of Paradise said...

Gay rainbow freak boys had better be careful it could just bounce back and nail them

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's not the comments that are so offensive as the breach of conduct that in Australia a politician's family is traditionally off limits to political attack.