Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hate speech against tea partiers from Karl Marx avatar

All assertion.  No supporting evidence

In an op-ed published on Tuesday, an Illinois State University professor made numerous baseless accusations leveraged at the good people of the Tea Party. Steve Hochstadt stated:

    “Tea party politicians don’t like people who are out of work. In Congress and in campaigns they consistently oppose paying unemployment insurance to the most distressed citizens, those who have been out of work for the longest time.”

In reality, members of the Tea Party don’t want to pay for the bottom feeders of society to sit on their rear ends all day while the rest of us foot the bill. But Hochstadt doesn’t have time for all that logic. He went on to say:

    “They don’t like immigrants. Most of those who identify with the tea party want to deport all undocumented immigrants. But tea party supporters don’t like immigrants in general: Over half think that ‘immigrants’ take away jobs from ‘Americans.”

Then, Hochstadt went on to call all members of the Tea Party racist. Of course, he has no evidence to back any of these claims up. Liberals don’t like to get tied up with pesky evidence. Hochstadt ranted:

    “[Tea partiers harbor] generally negative beliefs about African-Americans. They do not believe that all men have inalienable rights. Only they have the right to say what is right. They don’t want to govern, they want to dictate. They don’t like most Americans, who don’t agree with their ideas. They probably don’t like you. They are intolerant and dangerous.”

Ironically, Hochstadt is a history professor at ISU. If he knew a thing or two, he’d realize that it’s the Democrats who have historically been, ‘racist, intolerant and dangerous’.  [Google "klanbake" if you doubt it]



Anonymous said...

From his diatribe it is easy to tell who is the intolerant one here. No sweeping generalizations here, he is the ridiculously illogical pundit.


Anonymous said...

As usual the leftist projects his own foibles on those whom he would criticize.

Brian from Virginia said...

I don't dislike immigrants. My grandparents were immigrants. Anyone who wants to come to this country legally and become a productive citizen, I welcome with open arms no matter where they come from. And I would bet most Americans of any political belief would agree with me.

Where do nitwits like this guy come with this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Those who claim the Tea Party are racists conveniently forget that some of the heroes of the movement are actually black, men like Allen West. But in the leftist mind, African American's who support the Tea Party are race traitors and should not be considered black anymore. They are house boys and stooges for the evil white conservatives. In order to be a legitimate black person in the U.S. you have to be liberal, oppressed, discriminated against, unemployed, on public assistance, and clamoring for more hand outs from the government.

Bird of Paradise said...

Just another Collage knownothing blabbering off his piehole without his brain

Anonymous said...

He's probably a big fan of communism, you know that leftist philosophy that led to slaughter of millions in China, Russia, Cambodia and anywhere they try it. It's real popular among college professors living in ivory towers and not in the real world. God forbid anyone should be proud to be an American or patriotic.

Anonymous said...

If this person had chosen as his target some other group - like Muslims, gays, or women - they would be protesting in the street demanding his resignation.
However, apparently it is ok to malign those who identify with the Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

He is living proof of the need to scrap tenure and privatise education. I bet Ward Churchill is his best mate.

Go Away Bird said...

Someone needs to take a lawnmower to his face

Stan B said...

Anon 8:10PM - the problem with being an adult among children is that you are less easily upset by the inane prattlings of the children in the room, therefore less likely to be offended, or to feel such intense offense that you would actually organize a "march" or "boycott" to express your faux outrage.

Sucks being a grownup in a world full of children who stopped maturing at 10 years old.

Flu-Bird said...

Communism is one of the greatist's evils that faces america McCarthy was right all along