Monday, August 25, 2014

'Taylor Swift may be boring but she's not a racist': Critics rubbish claims that singer's new twerking video 'perpetuates black stereotypes'

Critics have rubbished claims that Taylor Swift's latest music video, Shake It Off, 'perpetuates black stereotypes.'

After the singles release on Monday, two members of the California hip-hop collective Odd Future branded the 24-year-old singer 'racist' with her attempts at break dancing and twerking.

However, now several members of the black community have weighed in on the debate and come to Miss Swift's defense.

Everdeen Mason, a writer and SEO for the fashion website, Refinery 29, wrote in an article titled Taylor Swift's "Twerking" Is Not Racist, how she can’t help but 'feel sorry' for the star.

Ms Mason continues: 'Swift may be many things - boring, overly twee, and an opportunist who capitalizes on her "approachability" - but she’s probably not a racist.'

Meanwhile, an anonymous commenter for the tumblr account says that as a 'proud black man' he doesn't find the video 'problematic or even close to racist.'

He adds: 'If you bothered to watch the video, the video was about being happy and dancing and celebrating other people’s dancing. One of them happened to include twerking.

'Taylor was not “cultural appropriating” anything and she wasn’t “being racist” by only having black woman in that part of the video.

'She was celebrating people’s dancing and how they celebrate music throughout the video and a large variety of black woman twerk. Would it honestly make sense if Taylor had 100 or so white girls try to twerk?


Twerking seems to consist mainly of pointing your bottom at the audience so why that is even seen as entertaining rather escapes me.  It must communicate something I guess.  Lack of good taste?


Anonymous said...

The guy who is complaining writes:

"'Haven't watched the Taylor Swift video and I don't need to watch it to tell you that it's inherently offensive and ultimately harmful"

In other words, "my opinion is uninformed, ignorant and not based on anything I have seen or witnessed myself, but you should believe it."

Such is the "wisdom" of 20 year olds.

stinky said...

If he watched it, he wouldn't be able to adopt a smugly superior position. Truth vs smug: his priorities are clear.

Anonymous said...

Black people perpetuate black stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

The black stereotype is in being a perpetual victim. Obama is the classic example. Nothing is ever his fault or his responsibility. Holder is another, not to mention the Black Caucus.

Bird of Paradise said...

Can anyone still remember when they had those SAMBO restruants?