Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Racist slur backfires

Olivia Chow is a prominent Leftist in Canadian politics who is at present running for Mayor of Toronto.  A senior member of her campaign team made an egregious accusation of racism about one of Ms Chow's opponents.  That was widely seen as offensive and unwarranted

Ever since Warren Kinsella, an outspoken Liberal strategist who is head of Ms. Chow’s rapid-response “war room,” incited controversy this week by accusing rival John Tory of having a “segregationist” transit plan, Ms. Chow has attempted to play down his role on her campaign. In recent days, Mr. Kinsella appears to have deleted more than 40 blog posts he’s written in support of Ms. Chow, dating back to at least November of last year -- later writing on his blog that he still supports her, but is trying to be "positive".



Bird of Paradise said...

Open mouth insert foot a very common ailment amounst liberals

Anonymous said...

No matter how hard she may try, she'll never be even half as entertaining as Rob Ford!