Sunday, August 17, 2014

Apple store criticised after receipt shows employee branded customer a “f@g”

NOTE to retailers: don’t hate on your customers.

Otherwise, you might end up like this Apple employee, who has the internet up in arms after handing an Oregon man a receipt with a homophobic slur in place of an email address.

Somehow, we don’t think is a legitimate email account.

Adam Catanzarite, who identifies as “queer”, posted the tasteless receipt to his Facebook page criticising Apple and calling on them to offer cultural competency training for all its employees.

Mr Catanzarite had purchased a $29 pair of earpods from the Pioneer Apple Store in Portland on July 8, and posted the receipt on Tuesday after discovering the slur. It has since spread across the internet.

The offensive email address was added after Mr Cantazarite declined to give his to the employee.


Looks like the comment was accurate, anyway.  Why would a homosexual be ashamed of being decribed as what he is?.  Where's gay pride?


Anonymous said... or probably would have been acceptable. Nobody like to be called a faggot in 2014.

Anonymous said...

The REAL problem here is the bastard who evidently decided that whether customers give an email address or not the employee must provide one.

This is the kind of thing that happens when you force people to create garbage to fill databases.

(I know the story doesn't mention a requirement like that but store clerks are highly unlikely to spend the extra time to add crap like that unless they are required to do so.)

Dean said...

Why is fag or faggot offensive but gay and queer are not? Very strange.

Anonymous said...


Some homos take exception to being called queer or gay too. Some people just live to be offended, its's just a ploy for attention and society used to discourage such nonsense but...

Might as well share this very politically incorrect joke though simply because A) I can , B) It's funny and C) The whiners can get over it.

There was a gal from the US who was assigned and eager to go on her first overseas assignment to their company's London branch. It was all exciting since this would be her very first trip outside the US and she was really hoping to make a good impression so she could be chosen to visit other overseas branches.

On arriving at the London branch she entered the waiting room and since it was otherwise empty went straight to the receptionist and asked for her contact. She was then utterly flabbergasted to hear, "Oh, he's out in the courtyard right now sucking on a faggot".

Use the Name, Luke said...

So this store employee supposedly made up that email address to insult the customer, right? I'm curious about why.

Was it because the customer was being a jerk so the employee just used the email to retaliate? Given that the store manager did talk to him and tried several methods of apologizing, that's possible.

Or was it because the employee knew the guy is a homosexual? In which case, how did he know? Does the employee already know this guy? Or does the customer go around spouting off that he's "out and proud"?

Or could this be yet another hoax?

Whatever it is, something doesn't smell quite right.

Anonymous said...

Also, F & G are right next to each other on the keyboard. Putting in a fake email for the field might have been just an unfortunate coincidence by the employee.,,,,

Anonymous said...

@8:23 Cigarettes in the UK, Australia and NZ are commonly known as fags, not faggots. In the UK a faggot in older English would be a bundle of burning wood.

Fag works but sorry faggot doesn't.

Anonymous said...

In the English Midlands a "faggot" is also a kind of meatball or rissole, but the guy wouldn't have been "sucking" on one of those out in a courtyard, so "fag" was the correct word to use as slang for a cigarette.

slinky said...

Faggot rhymes with maggot. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Luke sez: "Whatever it is, something doesn't smell quite right."

Perhaps you should ask stinky about that.

Bird of Paradise said...

The Rainbow Freak-boys on a rampage

President Not Sure said...

We have a bunch of programmers from the UK and someone about had a heart attack the first time one of them said they were going outside to "murder a fag". One a similar note my buddy got into it with the cashier at the Sport Clips when he went for a haircut. They wanted his ZIP and he didnt want to give it up. He finally relented and said 00000 but the manager woudldnt let it slide and they ended up cussing each other out before my buddy just left. I just gave them my ZIP from 25 years ago anyway, so it didnt bother me.