Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Australia: Chinese cafe owner was foolishly frank

He was obviously unaware of ubiquitous Western prohibitions on discrimination.  Westerners know that you find some other reason to give if you don't want to hire a protected minority.  In China, however, there is widespread disapproval of Africans so you can safely say what you want about them there

The rejected barista

A Brazilian-born Australian man has told how he was denied a job as a barista after a cafe owner told him his customers wouldn't want their 'coffee made by black people'.

Patrons of the Forbes and Burton café in Darlinghurst, inner city Sydney, were stunned to hear Nilson Dos Santos, an Australian citizen, had been turned down for the job because the owner
'only wanted locals'.

In incredible scenes, after being told by the cafe owner, who would only give his name as 'Steven', that he was not right for the job, Mr Dos Santos, 39, stood up and addressed the other customers at about 1.30pm on Sunday and told them why he had been turned down and asked if they would have a problem being served by a black man.

In a sign of solidarity, many walked out - and a staff member even quit on the spot.

There was also outrage among other customers who took to social media and urged others to boycott the cafe.

Steven, from Shanghai, China, who confirmed he was the owner, admitted to Daily Mail Australia that the fact Mr Dos Santos was black was the reason he didn't give him the job.

‘There are a lot of white customers at the café and I think the clients here want local people, not African people,' said Steven, who arrived in Australia from China this year.  ‘We need to offer good service at this café and I think the coffee culture is more about white people.’

Mr Dos Santos, who recently became an Australian citizen, has worked as a barista in Sydney for nine years.



Use the Name, Luke said...

Wait. So the owner, who only arrived a year ago, says his business should only be operated by natives? Um…

Has he checked the mirror lately?

Anonymous said...

Has he checked the mirror lately?
Perhaps he does not meet the customers; he wants natives out front.

Anonymous said...

An "Irish pub" in Copenhagen, Denmark, is/was owned by Chinese, but they did not appear out front and there was no sign it had any Chinese connections.

Bird of Paradise said...

No Niggas need aplly

Anonymous said...

Stupid self inflicted wounds. I think the cafe owner got what he deserved.

stinky said...

The level of racism in a society is inversely proportional to the individual freedom that its citizens have known.

Anonymous said...

This happened days ago. Where is the rage that you would expect from the lefty media in Australia? The ABC, The Guardian and the SMH are all quiet. Is that because the owner wasn't a white guy? Hypocrites one and all.

Go Away Bird said...

Annon 8:07 Becuase this didnt happen here in america and the liberal leftists news media scum suckers will ignore it all

stinky said...

Is that because the owner wasn't a white guy?