Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Topshop Selling Racist Necklace

The incorrectness of history again

Didn’t think jewelry could be offensive? Think again. Topshop is under some pretty strong criticism after a customer found a necklace that displays 19th century racist depictions of East Asians. According to reports, when the customer questioned the store manager about the offensive nature of the necklace, he defended it by saying it was “vintage” and, therefore, not racist. Yeah. You know. Like your grandma who was born in 1912. Sure thing.

The (naturally) offended customer then took complaints to Twitter and, in normal Twitter fashion, people responded pretty quickly — and no one is too pleased with Topshop.

Although the item (and it’s matching bracelet and earring set…) have since been removed from the Topshop website, photos of the necklace are floating around social media accompanied with various versions of “shame on you” messages directed toward the massive UK brand responsible for the offensive jewelry.



Anonymous said...

Some people have too much time on their hands and too little brains in their heads.

Anonymous said...

that's liberals for ya. if they are offended and instead of just not buying it they have to make sure nobody can buy it.

I hope they keep selling it! Let the market decides if people want it or not!

Anonymous said...

It reminded me of an old story I learned in grade school about 7 Chinese brothers, each with a special talent. I do not remember what it was called. I guess that story is offensive now.

Bird of Paradise said...

Dose anyone remember the kids book FIVE CHINESE BROTHERS? and the Charle Chan movies as well as the chinese mice cartoon?

Stan B said...

Anyone who remembers unflattering portrayals in the past of any racial sub-group other than White Anglo Saxon Male is mistaken, and must be re-educated. None of those things are historically relevant, and you should have no knowledge of them.

Brian from Rochester, NY said...

Anonymous 5:08

All I remember is that one brother had a steel hard neck, so he went to the chopping block and survived, one was fire proof and went to be burned, I think one could hold his breath for a long time so he went to be drowned. I don't remember the rest, other than they were identical siblings.

I'm so glad that I know better now about how racist it was. My whole life has been a sham for having read such trash. I will report to the local re-education camp right away to erase those terrible years and live the rest of my life as a good, sheeply citizen.

Anonymous said...

These are nothing more then Chinese opera masks. Thousands of them are for sale world wide, both full size and miniatures. I guess we should tell the Chinese that they are being offensive to themselves.

Go Away Bird said...

Brian. One brother could swallow the ocean one had a iron neck one could streach his legs one could hold his breath and the other could'nt be burned