Sunday, July 13, 2014

Journalists Say Obama Administration’s ‘Censorship’ Threatens Free Press

A coalition of 38 journalism advocacy groups penned an open letter to President Obama urging him to better foster transparency and curb systemic censorship within his administration and the federal government.

Released yesterday, the letter chastised the president for failing to live up to his own promises, and endangering the critical role of a free press in a free society.

“The stifling of expression is happening,” the letter states, “despite your pledge on your first day in office to bring ‘a new era of openness.’”

The letter decried and outlined dubious federal policies and practices designed to limit the free flow of information. Providing general examples and specific instances, the letter denounced such practices as vetting journalist questions, monitoring interviews, and stemming access to government officials.

The coalition characterized “these restrictions a form of censorship—an attempt to control what the public is allowed to see and hear.”

David Cuillier, president of the Society of Professional Journalist, heralded the letter as a historic development. In a press release, Cuillier wrote that “Never before has such a broad-based coalition of journalism and good-governance organizations spoken out on this issue.”

This sentiment resonates with Geoffrey Lysaught, group vice president of strategic communications at The Heritage Foundation. Lysaught explained that the administration’s continued “efforts to hide the facts for political gain” threatens the existence of free society.



Anonymous said...

So it took them 5 years to figure this out? Maybe instead of playing cheerleader for Obama and his administration, they had done the job of real journalists they would have learned this sooner.

Anonymous said...

“The stifling of expression is happening,” the letter states, “despite your pledge on your first day in office to bring ‘a new era of openness.’”
Obama is a Chicago community organizer where lying is considered to be normal behavior. He has no relation to truth.

Anonymous said...

According to the AG, these groups are holding "racial animus" toward the POTUS because they disagree with Obama. Or is AG and his boss the real HOLDERs of racial bigotry?

Anonymous said...

3:35 - Ok course they are the real racists. They are trying to remove the white male conservative population from any position of power so they can make them suffer for all the perceived slights of the pasty. The Democrat party is now the party of vengeance and hates what the US once stood for, much the same as the lefty Jews who hate Israel.

Bird of Paradise said...

Hey are these not the same bunch of lap-dog pres and talking heads that always support the Demacrats? What else do they expect from a Communists