Sunday, July 06, 2014

BBC receives more than 170 complaints over Mark Lawrenson's 'sexist' commentary during World Cup match

BBC commentator Mark Lawrenson has come under fire for a 'sexist' comment made during the Argentina versus Switzerland World Cup game.

Switzerland striker Josip Drmic's weak shot at goal during their round of 16 clash with Argentina on Tuesday evening prompted Lawrenson to state Drmic 'should have put a skirt on'.

Lawrenson's comment caused a storm on social media and has triggered 172 angry complaints to the BBC with claims it was offensive and sexist.

Unhappy listeners were quick to voice their disdain with his quip, made during live commentary, and took to Twitter to voice their anger.

The BBC confirmed it had received 172 complaints regarding the incident.

A spokesperson also apologised on behalf of Lawrenson, saying: 'The remark was inappropriate and we apologise for any offence caused.'

Broadcasting watchdog OfCom said it was also aware of the incident.

It had received six complaints but had not yet decided whether it be formally investigating.



Anonymous said...

Oh my, 172 complaints out of millions of Brits watching. Statistical zero. Of course something should be done about this outrage. I suggest ignoring it.

stinky said...

Agreed. 172 out of millions, in this day and age of fabricated flashmob outrage, is nada.

Anonymous said...

It's only "circuses" to distract the dumb masses, so it hardly matters what dumb remarks are made.