Thursday, July 03, 2014

Muslim group's fury over 'sacred symbol' in perfume advert

Gazing suggestively at the camera, Georgia May Jagger’s modelling campaign for Just Cavalli perfume certainly looks provocative.

However, it’s not the 22-year-old’s sultry pose that has triggered controversy, but the H-like symbol on her wrist.

The advert featuring the model daughter of Mick Jagger, part of a campaign by Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli, has been singled out by followers of a branch of Islam, who said it ‘cheapens’ and ‘degrades’ one of its holiest symbols.

The pictures of Georgia May – daughter of the Rolling Stones frontman, 70, and model Jerry Hall, 57 – have prompted demonstrations by Sufi Muslims in London, outside Harrods, as well as in Dusseldorf, Germany, and Los Angeles, since they were first released in the middle of last year.

The campaign – put together by Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli to promote a designer fragrance – shows Miss Jagger with an ornate H-like symbol on her skin.

It’s similar to a sign Sufis use to refer to Allah and representatives of the community have said it is ‘heartbreaking’ to see it used to make money.

There are an estimated 500,000 adherents of Sufism worldwide and they are demanding the symbol, which they have previously had trademarked, be removed from the adverts.

Roberto Cavalli, which has used the image in campaigns since 2011, claims the symbols are not the same. It is a stance supported by the EU, which last month rejected a request by Sufi groups to ban the company from using the sign.



Anonymous said...

It also looks like the Honda logo, so why doesn't that company complain? Oh, of course, Honda aint another crazy religion!

Anonymous said...

muslims offended by something.

Boy that never happens!

Dean said...

anon 1:58 AM - Oh dear. Now that you have mentioned that the muslims will demand that Honda change their logo. In fact, they may demand that the upper case H be banned.

Bird of Paradise said...

America dose not want or need Sharia Law Camel Jockeys Go Home

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Klingon symbol for "F**k U"